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Another comment we hear all too often: “Will this return be prepared for all to witness?”

By all means, no. Our facility believes that your financial affairs and taxes are a highly sensitive and private issue and should be handled with the respect it deserves. When coming in for an appointment, you will be taken to a private office for tax return preparation and completion. Generally, assuming that the taxpayer has all pertinent documents and information with them at the time of scheduled appointment, you will also know the outcome of the return before you leave.

Uncovering the Possibilities

Because we are striving for the best possible service for you, our customers, we take great pride in asking all pertinent questions to do a complete and accurate tax return. Sometimes during the tax interview, conversation reveals occurrences that might greatly benefit the tax client. Be prepared, this will not be someone just sitting at the computer mindlessly entering numbers, we really pay attention to the data and look to prepare the most accurate and beneficial tax return.


Because we are a to be a full service facility; we also have the ability to service all your personal and business taxes and insurance all year round. We also help with planning for your retirement and other financial needs. Who better to assist and consult with you than the individual who is aware of your tax and financial liabilities?

In addition, we always have “gifts” whenever you stop in. Come and discover the possibilities. We trust you will be pleased! Most people are pleasantly surprised to know they can have a renter's insurance policy for as low as $15 a month. Think about it, a monthly payment which can be as low as $10 a month can end up saving you thousands in the event of a disaster.

Why Should I Buy Renter's Insurance

Rental Insurance is one of the last things most renters think about when faced with moving. However, you really should consider it. Most renters do not realize that if there is a problem in their home, they are not covered by the landlord's insurance. Fire, theft, hurricanes, roof and plumbing leaks and many other occurrences can damage your personal property. Therefore, to protect yourself and your valuables, renters are encouraged to obtain renters insurance. Below we have outlined what you need to know before you get started. Renters insurance is an insurance policy that protects you from a variety of perils that might occur to those who rent.
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Service and Products

  • Windstorm or Hail
  • Fire or Lightening
  • Explosion
  • Riot or Civil Commotion
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism or Malicious Mischief
  • Theft
  • Damage by Glass or Safety-Glazing Material That is Part of a Building
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Falling Objects
  • Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet
  • Water-Related Damage from Home Utilities
  • Electrical Surge Damage
If you live in an area where flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes are a possibility you will probably need to purchase a separate policy or a rider in order to protect yourself against these threats.

What Do I Get For My Money | What do I need to do to protect myself

Business Auto Insurance

Customize insurance for your small business vehicle

Truck Insurance

Truck insurance to protect you on the road

Pickup Truck Insurance

Pickup truck insurance that wont cut into your budget

Box Truck Insurance

Insurance for box trucks and straight trucks

Van Insurance

Complete insurance protection for commercial vans

Dump Truck Insurance

Heavy duty insurance for your dump truck

Snow Plow Insurance

Snow plow insurance options for every season

Two Truck Insurance

Coverages to meet your tow truck business' needs.

View complete list of vehicles we insure or trailers we insure.

Insurance Products and Services

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